About Us

burrito imageHere at El Rancho Mexican Restaurant, we strive to maintain the highest quality native mexican foods so the palates of our guests will be satisfied again and again by the always thrilling taste of our mexican cuisine. El Rancho Mexican Restaurant was established over 30 years ago, giving us the distinct pleasure of serving three generations who have consistently enjoyed an authentic Mexican dining experience at El Rancho Mexican Restaurant.

taco imageOur food is prepared as if we are having a fiesta for the family. Our dishes are made from fresh produce and the finest meat, poultry and fish available. None of our dishes are frozen and reheated in the Microwave. Our dishes often take numerous hours to prepare and we will not cut corners in the preparation of our traditional recipes. We consider ourselves a full service our dishes as a result are freshly made and if you are in a hurry we are not competing with fast food establishments. Our commitment is simple; we will prepare the finest meal for you and your family using only the freshest ingredients available.

Contact us today for more information at 928-474-3111